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Welcome to Cindy Lim Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Where eastern medicine meets western science to help you recover from injury, surgery and illness, a natural way to restore your health and to prevent diseases.

"We are here to listen to your health concerns and to offer you natural remedies in a multi-disciplinary approach to help you attain a healthy body and mind."

-- Cindy Lim Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

What is TCM
What is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
What is Acupuncture
What is Herbal Medicine
What is Moxibustion
What is Acupressure
How to Cook Herbs
Acupuncture Safety
Is Acupuncture Safe
Is Acupuncture Painful
Health Tips
Simple Massage to Relieve Eye Strain and to Improve Eye Sight
If You Sit in Front of a Computer for Too Long
Relieving Nasal Congestion at Your Finger Tips
Quick Homemade Cold Remedy

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